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Change your life for the better with our pessaries. Located in Swansea and Cardiff with a presence all South Glamorgan hospitals , we also carry a range of effective physiotherapy products to fully assist you. 

Common Issues 

Pelvic organ prolapse affects many women all over the world, especially after having a baby which weakens the pelvic floor. We specialise in pessaries and incontinence devices and our customers have told us that these products have changed their lives for the better. They give women a pain-free and active life, and we are always available for further advice and guidance. During pelvic organ prolapse the internal organs sit outside the vagina, and pessaries push the organs back up and keep them in place. You may need a GP to insert them, so please contact both your doctor and our professionals for more information. 



C & G Medicare hold Europe's largest range of pessaries, which are a conservative method to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. We are happy to offer advice and product suggestions following a description of your symptoms, however you should always seek your doctor's guidance. Our professionals will give you verbal training and more information about how the pessaries work inside the body. Additionally, these are available in different sizes as well as a variety of colours.