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Incontinence Aids

Controlling and Curing Incontinence 

Boost your self-esteem and gain confidence with IncoStress©. Manufactured in our clean rooms in the UK. IncoStress© is shipped all over the world from in Cardiff, South Wales IncoStress offers not only an instant solution to stopping those ‘oops moments’ where women cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise then leak urine, IncoStress is much more. It’s the ONLY pessary which doubles up as a pelvic toning device. If you are a lady who experiences light bladder leakage then IncoStress© is the product for you. IncoStress© is neat, discreet and petite delivered to you in discreet packaging right to your door. Simply use the same way as a menstrual tampon. IncoStress© is made from medical grade silicone so no danger of any toxic shock syndrome symptoms as you would with a tampon. This patent protected incontinence device can be used during the day or/and night. Our customers and medical professionals have also commented how useful IncoStress© is for treating mild cystocele and rectocele (pelvic organ prolapse). 


No Incontinence Pads 

No Incontinence Pads Your quality of life can dramatically improve with the help of C & G Medicare. When you suffer with incontinence, your day-to-day activities are disrupted and your confidence declines because you feel like you are not in control. We can give you control of your life again without the use of incontinence pads. Our innovative products do not break the bank.

Price of pads verse IncoStress©

On average women will spend around a whopping £500 a year on hiding their embarrassing incontinence condition. IncoStress© at a cost of just £31.99 doesn’t hide the problem it solves it!

What our team offer that other companies don’t

Our team is made up of medical professionals who are experts in incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse areas. You will get direct answers to your questions. We never charge for our expert advice or pelvic floor training advice.



Through lots of hard work, we developed the brands IncoStress to give you suitable solutions for incontinence. You don't have to go back and forth to the doctor's office to have these fitted, and you receive all of the relevant materials including downloadable manuals, pelvic floor exercise sheets, and downloadable bladder diaries. Available in different sizes and colours, we sell hundreds of these products due to their effectiveness.

Supply and Trade

The IncoStress™ product in particular is sold all over the world to trade companies to assist those with incontinence. Discounted prices are available for trade and we supply both IncoStress™ and Uriwell™ to the NHS™ on prescription. The warranty on the bladder support product Urox™ is 12 months and you receive five years warranty on the IncoStress™ due to its silicone properties. Due to our vast supplies for online Boots™ stores, House of Bath™ and Scotts of Stow™, we have to keep a variety of stock available all year round and offer the guarantee of perfect quality every time.