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Effective Training and Management

Receive helpful consultancy services and incontinence advice from our reputable business in Cardiff, South Glamorgan. We train medical professionals on the subject and also offer helpful guidance to those who suffer with bladder control. 

Consultancy Services


Medical professionals are able to be trained by us for awareness on incontinence and pelvic incontinence. We offer this all over Europe and our proprietor was recently in Holland providing face-to-face training in a hospital. Training on all of our products is available for NHS professionals and private clinics worldwide by appointment only, and we are working towards providing an E-learning feature. The professionals that we consult include: 

GPs - Nurses - Physiotherapists - Midwives - Occupational Health Therapists - Doctors

Raising Awareness

The dedicated team at C & G Medicare visit care homes to speak about pessaries, Urox™, and Uriwell™. We also provide books and DVDs on pelvic floor exercises and are the exclusive providers of Pfilates™. There needs to be ten or more people in total to run one of these courses and we are more than happy to train others to become instructors as well. Furthermore, you can find all of the products mentioned online.